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Black Soldier Grub Babies
PopWorms! Bullets - Live Neonates (BSFL)
Usually Ships in 1 to 2 Business Days
Our Price: $30.00
Bulk Roll of Pressed Coconut Fiber: Coir Mat
Usually Ships in 2 to 3 Business Days
Our Price: $165.00
Instead of feeding dried grubs to your chickens, you are now able to give them plenty of live larvae too enticing to resist! With proper care, you are able to harvest fresh, nutritious grubs in less than 2 weeks!

These PopWorm Bullets can be purchased weekly or monthly for your pods (BioPod Plus or ProtaPod) or any other cultivation device for continual harvest. These bullets can be held in stasis for up to 6 weeks until opened. Once activated, you can produce up to 2 lbs of fully grown grubs in 7 days. 1000's of neonates per bullet. For best results, follow the instructions included with your babies.

BIOPOD PLUS - 10K minimum recommended for start up
4 FOOT PROTAPOD - 20K minimum recommended for start up

To assist with aeration and constant drainage of your active black soldier fly colony, use renewable coir mesh pads as the dividing material between the liquid catchment area and composting section. Each roll will make 22, 36” diameter pads for your large pod. Use several for best results. Ideal for usage in DIY BSFL pods. Biodegradable fibers can be added to compost pile or vermiculture system and the end of the season – producing no waste.